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Washing machines have become an important part of our lives. However, despite their convenience and practicality, there are many important details that need to be considered. One of these details is the selection of the most suitable detergent for washing machines.

Although there are many different types of detergents, powdered and liquid detergents are the most commonly used. So, which one provides better cleaning? Which one offers better washing machine performance? Before we look at the answers to these questions, let’s take a look at the differences between powdered and liquid detergents.

Powdered detergents are usually cheaper and more durable. These detergents are ideal for clothes washed at high temperatures. However, powdered detergents can leave residue on clothes and can create insoluble residue in some machines, which can reduce machine performance. You can use Ezel detergent products without experiencing these problems.

Liquid detergents, on the other hand, can be more expensive than powdered detergents. However, they leave less residue and are easily soluble. Therefore, they provide better performance in washing at lower temperatures. In addition, liquid detergents can help keep colored clothes more vibrant.

So, to decide which detergent type is better for you, you need to determine your priorities. When it comes to detergent size, washing machines generally have several different detergent sizes. These sizes are usually small, medium, and large. However, the detergent size of each machine is different, so it is important to consult your user manual and use the correct size.

The choice of the best washing machine detergent depends on your priorities, needs, and machine specifications. Powdered detergents may be cheaper and more durable, but liquid detergents leave less residue and provide better color protection. Whatever you choose, make sure to use the correct size and follow the user manual. This way, you can ensure that your laundry stays clean, fresh, and vibrant.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid Detergent

Due to their ease of use, performance, and environmental friendliness, liquid detergents are often preferred. This cleaning method has some advantages and disadvantages.

Performs well: 

Liquid detergents perform well, especially on tough stains like grease. Therefore, they are often preferred for cleaning clothes with tough stains, such as work clothes with grease stains.

Attractive fragrances:

 Liquid detergents are available in many different fragrances. Therefore, you can ensure that they leave a pleasant scent on your clothes while cleaning them.

Leaves less residue than powdered detergents: 

Powdered detergents can cause dust residue to accumulate between fabric fibers. Liquid detergents, on the other hand, dissolve completely in water, largely eliminating this problem.

Environmentally friendly: 

Liquid detergents contain fewer chemicals compared to powdered detergents. Therefore, they provide a more environmentally friendly cleaning option.

Can be more expensive: 

Liquid detergents may be more expensive than powdered detergents, which can be a disadvantage for some consumers.

May not work well with hard water: 

Liquid detergents may not perform well with hard water. This can result in less effective cleaning and may require more detergent to be used.

May require more storage space: 

Liquid detergents may require more storage space compared to powdered detergents. This may be a disadvantage for consumers with limited storage space.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Powder Detergent


Powder detergents have both advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that they are sold as undissolved powder, which means that the dissolving process occurs during the washing process. This can cause detergent residue to accumulate on clothes, especially in low-temperature washes, which can lead to skin irritation and allergies.


Another disadvantage is that powder detergents can accumulate in washing machines. When powder detergents are used, residue can accumulate in the corners and gaps of the machine. This can reduce the performance of the machine and cause problems. Also, when not used with hot water, powder detergents may not dissolve properly, which can affect cleaning effectiveness.


It is worth noting that powder detergents offer less variety compared to liquid detergents. Liquid detergents, especially those specially formulated for sensitive skin, offer more options than powder detergents. Therefore, liquid detergents may be more suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Although powder detergents have many advantages, they also have disadvantages. Especially when used at low temperatures, they can cause detergent residue to accumulate and skin irritation. Additionally, when used, they can accumulate in washing machines, reducing their performance. Therefore, it is useful to evaluate carefully before use and choose liquid detergents, especially for sensitive skin.


How to Eliminate the Effects of Laundry Detergents?


Laundry detergents are one of the most common cleaning products in our homes. However, it is important to know that detergents can not only affect the cleanliness of our clothes but also the performance of our washing machines. Therefore, after choosing the right detergent, it is important to focus on the health of your washing machine.


To minimize the negative effects of detergents on washing machines, you can take some steps. First, always use the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer. Excess detergent can leave residue in your washing machine, which can affect its performance. You can also save up to 40% by using less detergent.


Some detergents can soften hard water and prevent limescale and bad odors in washing machines. You can use these products in powder or tablet form. Before using them, read the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Additionally, you can extend the life of your machine by regularly cleaning its filters and drum.


To minimize the effects of detergents on washing machines, you can use liquid detergents instead of powder detergents. Powder detergents can clog the pump and pipes inside the machine, which can affect its performance. Liquid detergents dissolve more easily and therefore leave less residue in the machine.


Choosing the right detergent and maintaining your washing machine can help your clothes get clean and extend the life of your machine. By following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, you can ensure the best performance of your washing machine.


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