How to Remove Makeup Stains?

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When doing makeup, it can be quite annoying to get makeup stains on our clothes. These stains are usually seen on the collar, neck, and shoulder areas of our face, and are difficult to remove. However, it is possible to remove these stains by using the right methods.

Here are some effective methods that you can try to remove makeup stains from clothes:

Dishwashing detergent: Dishwashing detergent is one of the most effective cleaning products for makeup stains. Apply a little dishwashing detergent to the stained area and rinse with water. Then wash normally and check until the stain is completely removed.


 Alcohol is also a very effective cleaning product for removing makeup stains. Soak a cotton ball in a little alcohol and lightly apply it to the stained area. Then wash normally.

Salt and lemon juice:

 If you are looking for a natural solution for makeup stains, a mixture of salt and lemon juice can do the trick. Sprinkle some salt on the stained area and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice over it. Then gently rub and wash normally.

Hydrogen peroxide:

 Hydrogen peroxide is also an effective product for removing makeup stains. Drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and gently rub. Then wash normally.

Oil-based sprays: 

If the makeup stain is an oily substance, you can use an oil-based spray. Spray the stained area with the spray and wait a few minutes. Then wash normally.

Removing makeup stains is not actually very difficult. You can remove makeup stains from your clothes by applying one of the above methods. However, it is important to try to remove the stain as soon as possible because the longer the stain waits, the harder it is to remove.


How to Remove Lipstick Stains?

Lipstick stains, especially oil-based ones, can easily penetrate the fabric surface and be difficult to remove. However, it is possible to remove these stains at home with the right methods. Here is a step-by-step method you can follow:

It is important that the stain is fresh, so intervene as quickly as possible. If possible, remove excess lipstick residue lightly with a paper towel or tissue before touching the stain.

Apply a grease remover to the stain. One of the most effective cleaners for oil-based lipsticks is olive oil. Therefore, pour a little olive oil onto a piece of cloth and wipe the stain.

In cases where lipstick residues are not completely removed, you can use liquid detergent. Mix a little liquid detergent with warm water and gently brush the stain with this mixture. Before brushing the stain, make sure that the detergent does not fade the color of your fabric.

You can use a brush or a soft sponge to brush the stain. Avoid applying too much pressure while brushing the stain, as this can damage the fabric. After brushing the stain, let the fabric sit for a few minutes.

Rinse the fabric with warm water. Continue rinsing until you are sure that the stain is completely removed from the fabric. Soak the entire fabric in cold water for a few minutes to restore the fabric’s original color.

After completing these steps, wash the fabric as you normally would. Make sure that the stain is completely removed before drying the fabric. If the stain remains after washing, you can repeat the above steps or use a stain remover.


How to Remove Foundation Stains?

Foundation is a product that is often used in daily makeup routines. However, stains can occur on your clothes or other textiles after using foundation. These stains are particularly noticeable on white clothes and can create a bad appearance.


If you are using liquid foundation, it quickly spreads when it comes into contact with fabric. Therefore, it is best to intervene as soon as possible to remove the foundation stain. Start by scraping the foundation off the fabric with a plastic knife or spoon. This way, you can prevent the stain from spreading further.


Next, you can try to remove the stain using liquid laundry detergent. Drop a few drops of liquid detergent onto the area where the stain is and rub it a little. Then, you can wash the clothes in the washing machine. This process is usually sufficient to completely remove foundation stains.


A similar method can also be used for powder foundation stains. Mix liquid detergent with water in a bowl and apply it on the stain using your finger and then a toothbrush. Rub a few times to completely remove the stain. Then, you can wash the clothes in the washing machine.


The same stain removal process can also be used for powder blush stains. However, since powder blush stains are usually lighter, washing the clothes in the washing machine may be sufficient.


Foundation stains can be removed more easily if you intervene before they penetrate your clothes. Also, you can take a few precautions to prevent the formation of stains when applying foundation to your clothes. For example, before applying foundation to your clothes, take enough time to clean and dry your face. You can also use an apron or towel to protect your clothes.


How to Remove Mascara Stains?

Mascara is a commonly used makeup material by women and is often used on the eyes. However, sometimes mascara can smear on clothes and create a difficult stain. In such a case, you can apply the following steps to remove the stain quickly and effectively:


Act quickly: 

When mascara smears on clothes, it is important to remove the stain as soon as possible. Move quickly to prevent the stain from spreading.


Use detergent:

 Although there are many homemade stain remover recipes to remove mascara stains, using liquid detergent is the most effective method. Thanks to the oil dissolving feature of liquid detergent, mascara stains can be easily removed.


Use a brush:

 Brush the liquid detergent you poured onto the stain with a brush. The brush will help you remove the stain quickly and prevent it from spreading. However, using a hard brush can damage the clothing, so it is recommended to use a soft brush.



Wash the garment in hand or in the washing machine on an appropriate program without waiting too long. Cold water will help remove the stain more easily. Also, it is important to read the washing instructions specified on the label before washing the garment.



After washing the garment, check whether the stain is completely removed. If it is still visible, repeat the washing process or try a different stain removal method.


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