How to Wash a Woolen Blanket?

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Woolen blankets are a frequently preferred bedspread to create a natural and healthy sleeping environment. However, like other types of bedspreads, woolen blankets also need to be washed occasionally. Washing woolen blankets properly extends their lifespan and provides a healthy sleeping environment.

Before washing woolen blankets, it is important to pay attention to the instructions on the care label provided by the manufacturer. Some woolen blankets can only be hand washed, while others can be washed in washing machines. Hand washing woolen blankets is the most effective and safe method. However, it is possible to wash woolen blankets in large-capacity washing machines.

When washing woolen blankets by hand, cold or warm water should be used initially. Hot water can damage wool fibers and cause the size to shrink. Then, you can wash the blanket with a mild detergent. Harsh detergents can weaken or damage wool fibers, so if possible, a wool washing detergent should be preferred. It is also important to rinse the detergent thoroughly because detergent residues left inside the wool can distort the shape of the blanket and cause discoloration.

When washing woolen blankets in a washing machine, it is again important to use cold or warm water. Wool washing detergent is the best detergent to use. Depending on the size of the blanket and the capacity of the washing machine, an appropriate washing program is selected. Then, the drum of the machine should be checked to ensure that the blanket is evenly distributed and does not clump. After washing the blanket, an extra rinse is recommended to remove any excess water from the drum.

Drying woolen blankets is also important. Woolen blankets should not be exposed to direct sunlight because sunlight can cause the colors of the wool to fade. The blanket should be spread out over a towel or a similar surface and dried in a well-ventilated area. Complete drying of the blanket prevents the risk of moisture and mold.


How to wash woolen blankets?

Since wool is a natural fiber and has a delicate structure, woolen blankets should be washed with care. Although washing the blanket in the washing machine is practical, it is important to follow the correct steps.

Firstly, it is important to consider how to place the blanket in the machine. The blanket should not be compressed and should be placed so that it can move sufficiently inside the machine. You should also be careful when selecting the washing program. If your machine does not have a heavy load feature, you should choose a delicate or sensitive washing mode. In new models, a wool washing mode may be available.

The type of detergent you use is also important. Powder detergents you use for your normal clothes are not suitable for woolen blankets. Instead, you should use liquid detergents produced for wool and delicate fabrics. You can also use a small amount of detergent to ensure that the blanket is rinsed more quickly. Additionally, you should rinse thoroughly to prevent detergent residues from remaining on the blanket.

Wool can stiffen when wet, so you should not neglect to use fabric softener. The fabric softener fluffs up the wool and makes your blanket look better. However, you should make sure that the fabric softener you use is suitable for wool.


The detailed steps for washing a wool blanket by hand are as follows:



First, read and follow the washing instructions indicated on the label of the blanket. If your blanket cannot be washed in a washing machine, you will need to wash it by hand. Before washing your blanket, air it out outside to remove dust and dirt. Find a bathtub or a large bucket and make sure it is big enough to fit your blanket.


Soaking the blanket in warm water:

Fill the bathtub or bucket with enough warm water. The temperature of the water can vary depending on the type of blanket and the stains and dirt that need to be cleaned. Place your blanket in the water and make sure it is fully covered. Let the blanket soak in the water for about an hour. This process will help soften the blanket and loosen dirt.


Washing the blanket:

After soaking the blanket in water without detergent, you can proceed to lightly wash it with a liquid detergent specially made for wool. Add the liquid detergent to the water and mix it thoroughly. Place the blanket in the water and wash it gently. Avoid pressing or rubbing the blanket too hard, as this can damage the fibers.



Rinse the blanket with cold water a few times to remove any detergent residue. It is important to use plenty of water to wash the blanket during the rinsing process. Avoid letting the blanket come into too much contact with water during rinsing. After rinsing, let the blanket sit without wringing it out to let excess water drain out.



Never dry your blanket in a dryer. The best way to dry a wool blanket is to air dry it naturally. You can hang the blanket or lay it flat on a surface to dry. After the blanket is completely dry, shake it gently to fluff up the fibers.


Regularly washing your blanket is important to provide a healthy and clean sleeping environment. By following these steps and washing your blanket safely and properly, you can extend the life of your blanket and provide a hygienic sleeping environment. However, depending on the type of material of your blanket and the stains and dirt that need to be cleaned, you may need to use different washing methods. If your blanket is made of delicate or special materials that require following washing instructions, it is recommended to consult a professional cleaner.


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