How to Clean Washing Machine Heating Element?

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Preventing limescale buildup in your washing machine can improve its performance and result in cleaner, more hygienic clothes, while also extending its lifespan. One of the most common problems with washing machines is limescale buildup on the heating element or “resistance.” The resistance heats the water during the wash cycle, making it more effective. However, over time, limescale buildup on the resistance can reduce its performance and even cause it to break down.

To prevent limescale buildup in your washing machine, you can follow these tips:

Use the right detergent: The type and amount of detergent you use can affect limescale buildup. Make sure the detergent you use is suitable for your washing machine, and avoid using too much, as this can lead to limescale buildup in the machine.

Check the hardness of your water:

 The hardness of your water is an important factor in limescale buildup. The hardness of water can vary depending on your location, and washing machines in areas with hard water are more prone to limescale buildup. You can use water softeners to soften hard water.

Clean your washing machine regularly: 

Regular cleaning of your washing machine is important to prevent limescale buildup. After each use, wash your machine with warm water. You can also use special cleaners to remove any dirt or buildup inside your washing machine.

Clean your washing machine’s filters regularly: 

Filters in your washing machine help to trap dirt and prevent limescale buildup. Regularly cleaning your filters can help reduce limescale buildup in your machine and improve its performance.

Get professional help when the resistance becomes limescale:

 When the resistance in your washing machine becomes limescale, it can reduce the machine’s performance and even cause it to break down. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help when this happens. Calling a technician can help to replace or clean the resistance as necessary.

Your washing machine is an important part of your home cleaning routine. By cleaning it regularly and following these tips, you can prevent limescale buildup, improve its performance, and achieve cleaner clothes. However, if the resistance becomes limescale, it is important to seek professional help to prevent any further damage to your machine.


How to clean a heating element?


If we turn to cleaning the heating element, washing machines are among the essentials of our lives. However, when regular maintenance is not performed, we may encounter many problems over time. One of these problems is the limescale buildup on the washing machine’s heating element. The heating element heats the water to provide better cleaning for our laundry. However, calcium and magnesium ions in hard water cause limescale buildup on the heating element. This leads to increased energy consumption and eventually permanent damage.

To prevent this problem, the washing machine’s heating element needs to be cleaned regularly. There are different methods for cleaning the heating element. However, it is important that the applied methods do not damage the plastic parts in the machine.

Substances such as citric acid or acetic acid can be used to clean the washing machine’s heating element. However, it should not be forgotten that these substances can deform plastic parts in the machine due to their abrasive properties. Therefore, using washing machine cleaning tablets is a safer option.

In addition, vinegar can also be used to clean the washing machine’s heating element. Simply mix two cups of white vinegar with one liter of water and add it to the drum and detergent compartment of the machine. Run the machine on a short program at a high temperature, and that’s it. However, care should be taken when using vinegar. While it may not cause any problems with older machines, it can cause rusting in newer generation washing machines.

To prevent your machine from going out of warranty and for a safer and more effective option, you can use Ezel Detergent. This detergent prevents limescale buildup on the washing machine’s heating element and ensures that your machine works smoothly for a longer time.

In conclusion, it is important to clean and maintain the washing machine’s heating element regularly to extend its life and ensure that it operates smoothly. Different methods can be used for cleaning the heating element, but it is important that the chosen method does not damage the machine.

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