How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine?

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“The question of how to get rid of the smell in the washing machine is a problem that many people encounter, and having a bad smell in the tool you use to clean your clothes can be quite uncomfortable. The bad smell in the washing machine usually arises from accumulated dirt over time, and can worsen especially with the growth of bacteria and fungi in hot and humid environments.

There are a few things you can do to prevent the formation of bad odors in the washing machine:


Clean the washing machine regularly

Regularly cleaning washing machines can help prevent the formation of bad odors. This is the best way to remove dirt and bacteria inside the machine. You can use washing machine cleaners or clean it naturally.


Fill the machine to capacity

Running the washing machine at full capacity can help prevent odor formation. When you fill the machine to full capacity, you allow the water and detergent to reach all areas inside the machine, thus eliminating dirt and bacteria.


Leave the washing machine door or lid open

Leaving the washing machine door or lid open when not in use helps to ventilate the moisture and odor inside.


Use hot water

Hot water is an effective method for killing bacteria in the washing machine. However, some fabrics may not withstand hot water, so it is important to pay attention to the instructions on the fabric label.


Use natural cleaners

Natural cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda can help remove odors and dirt from the washing machine. It is important to read the washing machine instructions before using them.

The problem of bad odors in the washing machine is an easily solvable problem. By applying the methods above, you can keep your washing machines clean and fresh-smelling. Along with these, using Ezel Detergent products can increase these benefits. However, if the problem persists or there is another problem with your machine, you may need to seek professional help.

What Are the Factors that Cause Bad Odor in the Washing Machine?


Among the reasons for the odor of the washing machine are factors such as inadequate cleaning, humid environment, incorrect detergent use, and water hardness. The humid environment inside the machine, especially if it is not dried after the lid is closed, can lead to mold and bacterial growth. Additionally, accumulated dirt, detergent residues, and limescale deposits in hard-to-reach areas of the machine can also lead to unpleasant odors.


Failure to regularly clean the machine, particularly neglecting parts such as the lid area, seal, and detergent compartment, can cause odors to form. Moreover, incorrect or excessive use of detergent can also leave residue in the machine and cause odors. Although liquid detergents leave less detergent residue compared to powdered ones, the combination of hard water and detergent can lead to limescale and detergent residue buildup inside the machine, causing unpleasant odors.


You can try several methods to eliminate the bad odor in your machine. First, make sure your machine needs cleaning. To achieve this, you can run the machine empty several times at high temperatures (60-90 degrees Celsius). This process will help prevent bacterial and mold growth and clean out the dirt.


It is also important to regularly clean areas such as the lid, seal, and detergent compartment of the machine. You can clean these areas with a damp cloth or use special cleaners. Additionally, it is helpful to reconsider your detergent use. Avoid using too much detergent and prefer powdered detergents. If you live in an area with high water hardness, you can use a water softener or occasionally pour white vinegar or lemon juice into the machine to help clean the limescale deposits.


By drying the machine after each use, you can prevent the formation of a humid environment. You can prevent odors from forming by leaving the lid area open or by drying it with a towel.


How to Prevent Bad Odors?


You can follow the tips below to prevent bad odors from forming in your washing machine:


Regularly clean your washing machine:

 Washing machine cleaning includes processes such as draining the dirty water from the machine and cleaning detergent residues. While doing this, make sure to clean every part of the machine, including the machine lid, drum, detergent drawer, and rubber seal.


Be careful with detergent usage:

 Be sure to use detergent according to the dosage instructions. Overuse of detergent can cause more foam and lead to the accumulation of dirty water and bacteria in the foam.


Keep the drum dry: 

To reduce moisture in the machine, allow the drum to ventilate by leaving the machine lid open after each wash. This can help the damp environment inside the drum to dry out.


Use natural scents: 

You can ensure a nice scent emanates from your washing machine by using natural scents such as lavender oil. This is healthier and more environmentally friendly than using artificial scents and liquid fabric softeners.


Clean the drain hose:

 If the washing machine drain emits bad odors, there may be a malfunction or debris buildup in the drain hose. You can get rid of bad odors caused by this by washing the drain hose or cleaning the accumulated dirt inside it.


Regularly clean the filter:

 Some washing machines have filters that ensure the machine’s operation by filtering dirty water. Regularly cleaning the filter can help prevent bad odors in the machine.


By following these steps regularly, you can prevent bad odors in your washing machine and have a clean laundry washing experience.


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