How to Wash Swimsuits?

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Swimsuits, towels, and board shorts are exposed to many factors such as sun, chlorine, salt, and sweat. Sunlight fades colors and reduces the thickness of the fabric. Chlorine can bleach colors and make the fabric more fragile. Salt can reduce the fabric’s thickness and cause it to become rough. Sweat can damage the fabric’s properties and even cause delicate fabrics to crack.

If you want to use your swimsuits, towels, and board shorts for a longer time, you can follow these steps:



Pay attention to the fabric labels and wash at the required temperature. Do not wash delicate fabrics together with more durable fabrics.


 Apply a pre-treatment to stubborn stains. Apply concentrated liquid detergents on the stain and leave for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then wash as usual.


 Pay attention to the fabric labels and dry the fabric as required. It is not recommended to dry delicate fabrics in the dryer.


 Store fabrics in a place that protects them from sunlight, sweat, and humidity. Delicate fabrics can be stored in bags designed for natural fabrics.

When properly taken care of, swimsuits, towels, and board shorts can be used for a longer time. Read on for more tips.

Wash your swimsuit before wearing it for the first time

Your new swimsuit should be washed before wearing it for the first time. This will remove any chemicals that are not recommended to come into direct contact with your skin. It is also important for hygiene reasons. Use a detergent that contains a fiber protection agent when washing your swimsuit. For example, a detergent that includes renewal, maintenance, and repair can be an option that preserves the appearance of your colorful swimsuits.

Swimsuit fibers are mostly treated with mold control agents, and dyes, fixatives, or plasticizers are frequently used for the relevant fabrics. These chemicals can cause inflammation and itching, so it is important to regularly wash and care for your swimsuit in a hygienic manner.

Wash your swimsuit after use

Due to exposure to factors such as sunscreen, tanning oils, salt, chlorine, and sweat, it is necessary to take proper care of your swimsuit to ensure long-term use.

Firstly, it is recommended that you wash your swimsuit before wearing it for the first time. When choosing a detergent, you can opt for products with fiber-protective properties such as Perwoll Renewal & Repair Color and Texture. Washing is necessary not only for hygienic reasons but also to remove some chemicals added during fabric production. Fibers such as polyester, spandex, or nylon may have been treated with mold control agents and drugs, which can cause itching and inflammation.

Immediately after swimming, rinse your bikini or swim shorts with clean water. Then, you can hand wash them with a gentle shampoo. Your swimsuit should be fully washed after 3 or 4 uses. This is to ensure that it is completely cleaned in the washing machine.

Do not wash your bikini or swim shorts at temperatures above 60°C, and preferably use the 30°C or delicate wash option. Do not use fabric softener, as it can cause the swimsuit to deteriorate over time. Use a laundry bag to reduce the mechanical impact in the washing machine, which will prevent bralettes and metal tips from bending or scratching.

If you take care of your swimsuit, bikini, and swim shorts carefully, you can use them for more than one season.

Properly Drying Your Swimsuit

Wet swimsuits or board shorts should not be dried in direct sunlight as this can cause the colors to fade. Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water and wrap the suit in a towel before hanging it to dry in the shade. This helps prevent the elastic fibers from deteriorating and maintains the shape of the swimsuit.

Drying swimsuits or board shorts in a dryer or on a heater can damage the elastic fibers and cause the shape to deform. It is better to air-dry them instead. It is important to wrap the suit in a towel and gently squeeze it during the drying process to prevent any deformation.

Furthermore, towels and bath towels should also be separated by color and washed at 60°C. This prevents the fibers from becoming stiff and maintains hygiene.

Caring for Various Bathroom Textiles

Directly drying wet swimsuits in the sun can be a big mistake. The sun can cause the colors to fade and the fibers to deteriorate. Instead, it is best to gently squeeze out the excess water and hang the swimsuit in the shade after wrapping it in a towel. If hung directly, the elastic fibers will begin to deteriorate quickly, and it should be remembered that the shape may also change.

For washing bikinis and swimsuits, it is best to check the care label. Bath textiles made of materials such as polyester, spandex, and polyamide can be washed in a washing machine at 60°C and washed by color. However, swimsuits made of neoprene materials are more difficult to clean because neoprene causes more sweating and should only be hand-washed with cold water. If it is very dirty, soaking it in a small amount of detergent for a short time may help.

Crocheted cotton bikinis may be fashionable, but they require careful washing. It is best to wash them in a delicate cycle with a small amount of fabric softener at 30°C. They should never be dried in a dryer or wrung out. For best results, they should be hung in the shade on a towel or clothes drying rack. This way, you can enjoy your crocheted bikini pieces for a long time!

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