Washing Machine is not Taking Detergent.

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Washing machines are commonly used and important home appliances in daily life. However, we may encounter various malfunctions from time to time. Problems such as detergent remaining in the detergent compartment or water not being taken into the detergent compartment are the most common washing machine malfunctions. These types of problems are usually related to water channels and their solutions are quite easy.

If you encounter such problems in your washing machine, the first thing you need to do is to check the water channels. Clogging or dirt in the water channels can prevent the detergent from flowing correctly. Therefore, it is important to clean the water channels regularly.

In addition, to solve the problem of detergent remaining in the washing machine’s detergent compartment, you should thoroughly clean the detergent compartment and lids to eliminate residues that prevent detergent flow. It is also important to use the detergent compartment correctly. You can learn how to use the detergent compartment by reviewing the washing machine user manual.

If you encounter the problem of water not being taken into the detergent compartment, first check if the water channels are clogged by opening the detergent compartment’s lid. If there is a blockage, clean the channels. Also, check the washing machine’s water connections. Make sure that the water connections are open and properly connected.

Washing machine malfunctions are common problems. However, their solutions are quite simple. Regularly cleaning the water channels, using the detergent compartment correctly, and checking the water connections will ensure the smooth operation of the washing machine. If the problems persist, you can seek technical assistance.


Why is the Washing Machine not Taking Detergent?

The reasons and solutions for the problem of washing machines not taking detergent are as follows:


Water Inlet Hose and Filter:

If the washing machine’s water inlet hose or filter is clogged or dirty, enough water cannot be transferred to the detergent compartment, and therefore detergent cannot be taken into the machine. To solve this problem, first make sure that the water inlet hose is in the correct position. Then, remove the water inlet hose located at the back of the machine from both the faucet and the machine to clean the hose and water inlet filter. Remove the water filter located where the hose connects to the machine and clean any accumulated dirt with a brush. Make sure the taps are closed while performing this task.


Detergent Compartment:

If the water inlet hose and filter are clean but detergent still isn’t being taken into the machine, the problem may be due to blockages in the detergent compartment. To remove the detergent compartment, press the colored button located on top of the compartment and detach it from the machine. Clean the lime and detergent residues accumulated in the compartment with a stiff brush. If there are any blockages in the water spray channels on the ceiling of the compartment’s entry section, use a toothbrush to clean those areas before cleaning the slot where the compartment is located in the machine.


Water Pressure:

Insufficient water pressure is another water problem in washing machines. Washing machines require high-pressure water to operate effectively. If you cannot obtain sufficient pressure even though you fully open the water inlet valve, you can purchase a water pressure regulator to provide the necessary water pressure for the machine.



Quality of Detergent:

The quality of the detergent used is also important. You can preserve the current fluidity of powder detergents by storing them in a closed container in a dry and moisture-free environment. Otherwise, some of the damp detergents can accumulate and solidify in the detergent compartment. Damp detergents can prevent effective washing of clothes and can also cause blockages by accumulating in the detergent compartment.


In this regard, choosing the correct and high-quality detergent is also important. Ezel detergent products can benefit the stable and trouble-free operation of your washing machine.


Is the detergent dosage correct?

If you notice that the detergent is not dissolved despite adequate water flow into the detergent compartment, you need to check whether you have applied the correct detergent dosage. The detergent dosage should be adjusted according to the machine’s capacity. Excessive use of detergent can negatively affect the machine’s performance and can also cause detergent residues to remain on the clothes.


Are there sediment deposits in the detergent compartment?

Detergent residues that accumulate in the detergent compartment can also prevent the detergent from dissolving. It is essential to clean the detergent residues that accumulate in the detergent compartment with a brush or sponge for the dissolution of detergent and machine performance.


Are the machine’s program settings correct?

If you continue to experience problems with the machine not dissolving the detergent, you need to check the machine’s program settings. Choosing the wrong program or an inappropriate setting for the selected program can prevent the machine from dissolving the detergent.


Is the machine regularly maintained?

Regular maintenance of the machine is essential to prevent malfunctions that affect the machine’s performance. To prevent problems such as detergent not dissolving, the machine’s periodic maintenance should be performed, and the filters should be regularly cleaned.


When encountering problems such as the washing machine not dissolving the detergent, first clean the water inlet hose and filter. Then check the detergent compartment and water pressure. Ensure that the detergent dosage is correct, and the machine’s program settings are appropriate. If these steps do not solve the problem, there may be malfunctions in the machine’s main card, pump filter, or water inlet valve. In such cases, it is recommended to seek professional help.




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